For Comic Publishers
Cut global publishing costs by 90%
For Comic Creators
Reach readers in their native languages
For Translators
Elevate your work with speed and accuracy
For Editors and Typesetters
Enhance your craft with AI tools
For Editors and Typesetters

Enhance your craft with AI tools

The Smart Way to Typeset Comics
Leverage AI-powered editing for efficient, precise comic typesetting and editing.

Simplified Editing with AI

Transform your editing experience with AI Text Detection Assistant, advanced in-painting for speedy redraws, and a Photoshop-level tool for image edits – all designed to minimize manual efforts.

Easy Typesetting Tools

Streamline your workflow with automatic text fitting and diverse styling options for a flawless finish.

Customize with Ease

Personalize your design with custom fonts and consistent text styles for a professional and cohesive appearance.

Edit Together in Real-Time

Enhance productivity with live editing, direct on-page comments, and suggestions to refine your comic editing.


AI Technology

AI Technology
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Quality Control
Comic Publishing
INKR Studio is designed to cater to a diverse audience, including comic publishers, indie creators, translators, typesetters, and editors. Explore our solutions for specific details.
Yes, INKR Studio is free to use. We offer a range of plans to suit your needs, including a Free plan with basic features, and Professional and Enterprise plans with advanced tools and customization options. Refer to the pricing page for specific details.
INKR Studio reduces global expansion costs by up to 90% by providing a centralized AI-powered workspace that streamlines workflows for comic creators and publishers of all sizes. We offers fast setup, instant AI-assisted localization in over 10 popular languages, built-in quality control, and direct multilingual publishing to a global audience.
Yes, you can publish directly from your studio and share links across platforms, building a global readership for your comics. INKR Studio also offers various exporting options for maximum exposure.
INKR Studio supports localization from and to 12 most popular languages, including: German, Spanish, French, Bahasa Indonesia, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Thai, Vietnamese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese.
INKR Studio supports PNG, JPG, and PSD formats, with compatibility varying based on your studio plan. Refer to the pricing page for specific details.
INKR Studio leverages AI technology to streamline the localization process, offering AI-powered tools for fast, accurate, collaborative translations. Our AI Text Detection Assistant eliminates wait times for file cleaning and manual transcribing, allowing you to dive straight into your translations. The Translation Assistant expedites the localization process, while the AI-powered in-painting tool speeds up redraws. These features are designed to minimize manual efforts and enhance productivity.
No, INKR Studio does not use your data for AI data training. Your data is securely stored and only accessible to you and your team.
Certainly. You have the option to download your localized files as images (PNG, JPG) or PSD (exclusive to Professional plan and above). It's important to note that files exported under the Free plan will include watermarks. For specific details, please refer to the pricing page.